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Green Tea To Lose Fat?

Green Tea To Lose Fat?



Green Tea To Lose Fat

Green Tea To Lose Fat


I’m sorry if you think popping one tiny capsule of green tea is going to aid in your weight loss. I am sorry it has been marketed to you that way. I’m sorry if you think drinking that Snapple green tea with the 150 calories is going to help you somehow. Maybe it will help you sleep well at night. Not to knock green tea. In fact, it’s a beautiful supplement. The flavanoids, EGCG, etc. Its probably a key to longevity.

But you have to remove yourself from the marketing hype surrounding this stuff. And you are going to have to ditch most of the products that contain green tea as an added little benefit. Research has shown, that you need a huge amount of this stuff daily to even do a dent in your weight loss efforts.

You have to understand that the amount needed to assist with weight loss would in addition (since Green Tea has caffeine in it) give you the equivalent of like 15 cups of coffee a day in caffeine! Which is to say, this just isn’t going to work. So the answer is this, you need to take 3 capsules of 600mg decaffeinated EGCG capsules. (’Now Foods’ makes this I believe).

And you need to take those 3 capsules 3 times a day. That gets difficult… And it might upset your stomach a little too. But that’s really the breaks as far as green tea for fat loss goes. On a positive note, I have noticed for myself that high doses of EGCG cause me to feel ill with alcohol consumption. Well I guess that’s a positive to some, and a negative to some. But either way, you shouldn’t be drinking much alcohol if your trying to lose weight, right? I mean. That’s a given. Alcohol is terrible for weight loss efforts.

But weight loss aside, are you reaping the many health benefits of green tea?

Green Tea To Lose Fat?

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