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Top 7 Things that Will Cure Your Severe Acne

Top 7 Things that Will Cure Your Severe Acne



Top 7 Things that Will Cure Your Severe Acne

Top 7 Things that Will Cure Your Severe Acne


How big is your acne?


No matter what the condition of your acne today, you’ll agree that acne is a horrible condition for your skin. You already know about how bad your face will look like if you have acne sitting there all day. But, there are some treatments that you can use to naturally cure your acne. You can use those treatments at your home. Here are top 7 things that will cure your severe acne:


1. Hydration

Keep your body hydrated as this is the most important thing that you need to do to keep the balance inside your body. Your skin consists mostly of water, so your skin needs water to heal your acne condition. Drink plenty of water every day and avoid dehydration. This is the easiest way to reduce your acne.


2. Toothpaste

If you have big pimples, you can use toothpaste to reduce the swelling of your acne. You will often experience overnight result with this treatment. Clean your face before you go to sleep and apply some toothpaste in your pimples. Leave the toothpaste overnight and wash your face in the morning.


3. Apple

Eating one apple a day is a good way to eliminate and prevent acne. Apple is a special fruit that contains plenty of antioxidant components that will be utilized by your body to fight acne quickly. Eating one apple a day will give your skin its needed nutrients to heal and prevent acne.


4. Cleanliness

Keep your body clean because this will help you to stay clean from dirt and bacteria that may contribute in the spreading of your acne. Keep your body, face, and hair clean. Use cleanser, shampoo, and soap that are compatible with your skin condition. It is better to use natural products that are safer for your skin.



5. Raw Honey

In order to reduce swelling and inflammation in your face, raw honey is very useful for your skin. Raw honey contains huge amounts of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that will help you to reduce the size of your acne and eliminate your irritation.


6. Exercise

Take a regular exercise in order to stay fit and avoid clogged pores. Regular exercises will help you to improve your blood circulation. Also, take enough rest every day because it will help you to heal your skin naturally.


7. Digestion

Expel your bowel every day and avoid constipation because it will accumulate toxins inside your body. The toxins will spread to your skin and cause more acne. If you don’t have good digestive system, it will support the spreading of your acne and you will have difficulty to cure your acne.
Those are some tips to cure your severe acne. Actually, you don’t need to visit expensive skin care centers if you want to eliminate your acne. Follow the tips above and you’ll get rid of your severe acne quickly.


Top 7 Things that Will Cure Your Severe Acne


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